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Casement and Awning Windows

The casement window is the most popular and versatile type of window. The sash opens a full 90 degrees, allowing for easy cleaning, and the multi-point locking system ensures optimal security. Offering the same security and performance features as the casement window, the awning window, with its mechanism at the bottom of the window, allows indirect ventilation.

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Fixed Windows

The fixed window is a must in contemporary constructions—it’s the ideal window for oversized formats! In addition to offering weathertightness and durability, it can also be combined with another type of window to create an assembly that meets your needs.

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Hung Windows

The hung window opens vertically with ease thanks to the two overlapping sashes. This timeless style blends perfectly with farmhouse architecture.

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Sliding Windows

The sliding window features simple operation and is an ideal solution for applications on a strict budget or as a basement window.

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